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Utilities, scripts, projects and tutorials made by Zatherz.

This site is pretty old :) I made it when I started out with Linux and programming in general.
You probably came here for the SiS graphics drivers tutorial. I wrote it two years ago. I'm surprised I still get messaged by people to this day about it.
I'm not mad, I'm happy actually. I remember the struggle I had with it initially. I just recently updated the tutorial, with much cleaner instructions and working links.
If you want to say hi or report something not working, then message me on Reddit (/u/Zatherz) or Twitter (@Zatherz). If you're into that stuff, you can try e-mailing me too (
If you want maximum noticeability, then message me on all of the above. I won't be mad :)
Anyway, good luck to you, no matter what you came here for.
And TestAVR sucks, btw. It can only do a very niche thing.

SiS Graphics Drivers

They work nicely on the newest software :)

The only place with download of patched files, instructions on installing and configuring on one page.

Visit for more informations.



How much times did you rage quit after multiple hours of working on AVRs and having them not work how you intended, and then realizing it was a matter of one letter? TestAVR is here to help.

It allows you to compile and run AVR programs as native Linux applications and includes useful printf hooks for displaying registry values.

Visit for more informations.